Friday, December 03, 2010

Camden City Council Prexy Blames Governor

Camden, NJ, City Council President blames Governor Chris Christie for police and fire department layoffs.  According to CBS's Philadelphia affiliate, the city council claims it's not their fault they have to layoff city workers.

It's a ploy. 

"If the state didn't give us the $27 million we wnated, we have to lay off public service employees!"

All that means is that they couldn't be bothered to cut the overpaid, underworked pencil-pushers.

There were some interesting comments that ranged from archaic, insane gun laws in NJ, to just plain old waste, at the taxpayers' expense.  Both are valid.  NJ does have really bizarre gun laws that pretty much allow law-abiding citizens to own guns, but only if they jump through more hoops than a circus poodle.  The ones who have and use them, usually get them illegally, and no law is going to stop that.

No city council is going to clean up its act, and its city, if it doesn't cut the bloat.  The cops and firemen don't contribute to the bloat anywhere near what the city council claims.  Oh, they add to it -- but not that much.

Stop buying into this bovine expulsion.